Reflecting back to my years, I vividly recall not only the excitement of the introduction to my first programming language, but also the sheer exhilaration of merely interacting with computer for the first time in my life. These feelings definitely manifested deep interest of computers within me and steered me towards pursuing a graduate degree in Computer Science, the place where I realized my ultimate career goals.

Over the last five or so years, I have gained valuable experience in the verticals – Finance, Insurance & Hospitality in different geographies; successfully demonstrating skills in a variety of different roles and responsibilities. I am currently working as Tax Analyst with Barclays and am the ‘Go-To’ person, for FATCA ER & CRS Programme to perform range of tasks, requirement analysis, development, testing & supporting business stakeholders. I covet the prospect of a leader in the field of strategy and analytics, since the strategic transformation in the finance is organizational imperative. I have been awarded for Inspire Value Award in Barclays for my contribution.

Beyond the workplace, I am an active participant in community events and am a strong advocate of giving back to society. I actively organize and contribute towards Youth Employment, Education & Gender Equality.