I was born on October 20th 1963 into an artistic family, living in Mumbai. My parents taught me to be a kind, caring and independent human being. I was always made to explore and recognise my potential. Unlike most Indian families, my parents never forced me into marriage and to pursue higher studies. I never let my schooling interfere with my education. I won many awards from young age at art competitions and I have always cared for animals, old people begging outside the temples and helping younger women and children with their education, tuitions and fees. I was perhaps one of the earliest artists to start working on a computer back in the 80s in Mumbai. After a two year certification in Programming, I worked as a Programmer for financial institutions, but soon my talent was discovered by a local film production house. I learnt on my own how to do computer graphics and did few TVCs for them. Soon I was called to Singapore, however, the company was already in debt and I was fortunate to meet two European artists with whom I started a private limited company in 1994. I continued doing advertising work as a storyboard artist, content, concept development with my partners, Graphics in 3D, Art Direction for TV & Films, Line Producer for many clients from Europe & Asia Pacific Region. Finally I decided to return to Mumbai to spend time with my parents. Soon after that my father, my hero, passed away. I have since lived in the neighbourhood to care for my mother. I have also made many documentaries for News Channel in Singapore & Mumbai and a children’s book Illustrations that I enjoyed very much. I made friends with poor kids from the slum areas and the village near where I live. I teach the kids about environmental issues, toilets and hygiene, caring for animals, growing trees and make them into better human beings who will care for others in the future. My goal is to start adopting villages, educating children in all of the above things, helping them to a develop their talents and move on to the next village. I believe strongly in being useful to the society, that I have a purpose and that is to make a change. I have enjoyed the most luxurious lifestyle when I lived abroad and now I want to experience the simple life where I can give back to the needy and to the younger generations a gift that will help them to be confident and to be good human beings. Let there be love and peace around the world. If I can spread the message through my artworks and short films, I would be the happiest person, as it will serve both purposes. I will be able to showcase my art while my art pays for my purpose and the social cause I believe in. Thank you for this opportunity and may the best person win.