Naomi Bennetthall

Naomi is an executive assistant at Legal & General. She works for the Group CFO and Group Corporate Communications Director. In addition to the standard day to day tasks, she utilises her wider knowledge of the business and the sector, alongside her LGBT knowledge to add extra value to the whole business.

In 2014 she was approached to support the 50:50 Network – a network to improve female representation in management at Legal & General – the only person in a non-management grade involved. She attends meetings and has made a significant impact in suggesting and securing panellists, contributing to discussions and ideas and in meeting deadlines.

Naomi leads by example in the secretarial field. She believes women can be anything that they want to be and encourages high expectations. She takes a wider interest in the organisation so that she can be proactive and offer additional value to the business.

Naomi was responsible for the launch the London LGBT Network at L&G including ensuring commitment from senior management; and uses her contacts and knowledge to help move the network forward.

Naomi understands that collaboration, support and a smile is essential in getting on in business and in life. She has an extremely infectious positive attitude and is always willing to step outside of her comfort zone to take on a new opportunity or challenge. It is due to this that she has built up a strong support network that she is able to utilise on a daily basis to assist in the efficient running of the executive office. It is a fine line between being able to correspond with senior management and having a rapport, whilst still knowing your place in the business and that you are a support line member. Naomi has managed to find the perfect balance so that she is well respected within the organisation and is therefore able to put forward suggestions around key business decisions based on the wider business view which are not only listened to, but investigated.