Neha Arora, is the founder of Planet Abled, an organization which provides accessible and inclusive travel solutions for people with different disabilities.

With a totally un-utilized degree up her sleeve, Neha worked with companies like HCL, Nokia and Adobe before taking the plunge to start Planet Abled.

Born to parents with disabilities and the personal challenging experiences faced in travelling, she realized a huge gap existed in the society. When it came to people with disabilities indulging in travel and leisure activities, no avenues were available.

St. Augustine said, ‘The world is a book and those who don’t travel, read only one page.’ Then why should one miss out on reading the most beautiful chapters of life just because s/he has a disability? Planet Abled was conceived to fill this gap and give people with disabilities the freedom to travel and to break their limitations. Giving them an avenue to visit places freely and confidently, leaving behind social inhibitions and apprehensions about their capabilities.

Planet Abled has been awarded the NCPEDP-Mphasis Universal Design Award for the year 2016.