Piya Bose started Girls On The Go, a travel club for women after quitting her job as a lawyer in 2008. She started off on a zero cash business model and today sends women on expeditions to Antarctica, Northern Light viewing in Arctic, camping in Mongolia, trekking to volcanoes, meteorite craters, Everest Base Camp, and staying with the tattooed headhunters of Nagaland with the aim of empowering women through travel. Today, she has managed to get men join the dialogue in helping women rediscover themselves through travel. She has also spoken at various forums and inspired new startup founders to take risks and follow their dreams.

She is also a freelance travel writer with National Geographic and has blogged for ‘WeAreTheCity’. She is currently learning Sanskrit to study ancient manuscripts that may hint at geological and climatic factors that led to the disappearance of the Indus Valley Civilization and how we can apply the learnings to our times.

Her next aim is to get women with disabilities and from less privileged economic backgrounds to experience a perspective shift through travel and make travelling truly accessible for all women.

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