Pooja Goyal is a well-known educator working to transform early childhood and K-12 education in India. She is the founder of Intellitots Learning, which is known for its groundbreaking work in the field of early childhood education and care. Intellitots is partnering with Dr. Mariale Hardiman, of Johns Hopkins School of Education, to drive innovation in early years teacher training and curriculum development.   She is transforming the way math education is addressed in Indian schools by closely working with school leadership teams, teachers and children to address mindsets and implement innovative programs. An engineer from IIT Delhi, and  an MBA from INSEAD, France, Pooja has worked in the US, Europe and India and has successfully paired her work experience at companies like Adobe Systems and Palm with her passion for education. Pooja speaks on the issues of changing education paradigms and entrepreneurship. She has been awarded the ‘ Woman of Substance’ award for her contribution to the field of education and is a mentor to many school leaders and teachers.