I’m a 29-year-old chartered accountant by profession. I started my career as an intern with EY in April 2007 and over a period of nine years (including three years of internship) with great dedication, discipline and smart work with an unmatchable interest in doing things in a new way, I have managed to make my name in an esteemed firm like EY wherein my seniors and clients trust me and my work and find me to be a leader in a few years from now. My team looks upon to me as their role model and it gives me immense pleasure when people come upto me with a request to get a chance to work with me. I have been given a five rating (significantly exceeded expectations) for seven years out of nine for my performance and have been awarded an “Excellerator award for individual and team excellence” thrice.

Apart from work, I’m a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and also enjoy sketching, painting and travelling. I’m extremely keen in serving the community later in life for which I try to give my little time now by teaching slum kids. At this age, I believe in building an educated self-sufficient society and try my best at every stage to develop people, shape their careers and make them an independent cause. Being independent is the greatest asset an individual can possess.