Apart from the life’s up’s and down’s, I have a strong personality and an abiding connection to the Royal House of Gurung’s in Himachal Pradesh Solan Subathu. During my early teens, my father Mr Aditya Gurung advised me to, ‘Keep walking strong with all the dignity and courage even when the going gets tough’. I was born on the 17th August 1982 in New Delhi, and at an early stage in life I realised the importance and the reason of my existence to life. After many roadblocks and difficulties i managed to complete my Honour’s degree in Political Science from Annamalai University (Delhi) and also proudly hold a Diploma in Mass Communication & Business Mangement from IIBMS (Mumbai). I have over 13 years experience with a number of Fortune 500 companies including Wipro Ltd, JP Morgan Chase India, Deep Purple, Convergys, AT&T Wireless, CapitalOne, Orange, Microsoft, Dell, FirstFitness India Pvt Ltd, and Mickey Mehta Health Beyond Fitness Pvt Ltd. I have developed a supreme level of understanding and comfort with major business sectors.

My Mentors have enlightened me through various walks of life and I specially thank the legendary Mickey Mehta, also known as Global Leading Holistic Health Guru, to explore my being with his organisation.

As a well as being a well-rounded professional and entrepreneur to Adi’s Foods, Mumbai, I also have experience within all aspects of marketing, branding and sales methodology to both vertical and consumer customers. I also bring an extensive knowledge of pricing, consumer buying patterns, budgeting, advertising, statistics and analysis, direct marketing, telemarketing, planning skills, database marketing, competitive strategies, event promotions and association, channel marketing, merchandising, product marketing, product management, team management, presentation, and strong training skills for high growth stages.