Wife, mother, home maker, entrepreneur, life coach, educator, counsellor and mocktail mistress; these are some of the synonyms for me and I am equally proud of each of these mantels.

I am lucky to have been born into a family that respected individuals and encouraged their children irrespective of their gender. My luck doubled when I married into a family that also believed in individuality, freedom of expression and independence.

A chance overhearing of a conversation between a group of teenagers at the adjoining table at a cafe changed the course of my professional life early on. The total disregard for values and disrespect for their parents shocked me. That is when, with the help of a friend I decided to open an institution that taught youngsters to value and respect their seniors irrespective of their place in their lives. Together, my friend and I launched Rhyns Academy Pvt. ltd., where we teach children good values through the medium of art and dance. Besides coaching the children, we also conduct shows with dance, stories, puppetry sessions on etiquette and communication.

Being a National Award winning trainer, I also conduct Soft Skills training for Personal & Self Development and have undertaken Student’s Guidance and Counselling programmes and Empowerment Workshops for Women and Children.

A passionate entrepreneur and always looking out for the best interest of my loved ones, I also started Mocktail Gazebo, an organic and chemical free range of soft drinks. At Mocktail Gazebo, we create chemical free, aunatural fruit drinks and mocktails that carry the goodness of fresh fruits with the warmth of a mother’s love.

To conclude, I’d like to add that we are who we make ourselves to be. Believing in oneself and working towards that goal with determination will help you succeed no matter what the task at hand.