Seren is a Software Engineer who is passionate about making the web accessible to people with all sorts of abilities, as a Dyslexic herself she understands how frustrating it can be to use.

She recently graduated with a BSc in Software Engineering from Oxford Brookes and is a member of the team working on Elsevier’s ecommerce site.

At the age of 20, Seren gave her first conference talk. ‘Death to Icon Fonts’ explored the problems that a popular web development technique caused for people who have dyslexia and led to several large internet sites changing their approach to a more dyslexic friendly one. She has since given other talks highlighting techniques websites use that are unfriendly to people with accessibility needs and offering advice on how to improve them.

Seren has written for a few projects such as an article on icon fonts for Net Magazine and automated accessibility testing for 24 Ways.