Selina is a promising technologist and research scientist with a track record of delivering innovative technologies and research findings with high impacts and addressing real world problems. She is very self-motivated and thrives when facing challenges.

Before joining BT, Selina worked for 10 years as a Data Scientist & Mathematician in world-top academic research institutions including University of Oxford and LSHTM on national and global scale projects, as well as in the software development industry. She has a list of high-impact scientific publications in population health with more than 1400 citations worldwide and she has a winning machine learning model in one of ITU’s standardisation competitions, outperforming several global tech companies and resulting in a patent filed in both US and Europe.

After joining BT’s cyber security research practice in December 2016, she quickly discovered and established new research directions in tackling malware epidemics. She now leads the Malware Analytics & Propagation Research within BT’s Research & Innovation Headquarter and is gradually establishing herself as the thought leader in this area internally and externally. She has established several projects including applying AI & machine learning technologies and transferring population health knowledge to prevent malware attacks.

Within only a year at BT, Selina has discovered new and in-depth malware threat knowledge and subsequently proposed transformation solutions or guidance to improve BT’s anti-malware operation, for which she received BT R&I’s End of Year Recognition. She also proves to be a great inventor. It only took her five months from identifying a malware research theme to submitting her first malware invention to the patent attorney. Currently she has three patents being filed and more inventions in the pipeline. Last but not least, she works with large organisations from different EU countries on a European Commission funded project on cyber information sharing and she leads the engagement of BT business lines on that project.

Selina has a Bachelor’s degree in Automation and Control Engineering, and MSc and PhD in applied mathematics and statistics.