Sian Toussaint

I joined the management consulting graduate scheme in 2014 after completing a summer internship with the firm in my second year of study at the University of Birmingham.

I received my first promotion after 18 months where I began to specialise in people-centred digital transformation, supporting clients across the public and private sectors. Within two years, I was promoted to Manager where my primary focus has been on driving people-centred change for our Insurance clients. Through my role, I have led critical components of our client’s people transformation agenda; this has included improving the employee and customer experience for an insurance company launching their first online sales channel through to implementing digital upskilling initiatives and leading discussions with functional executives in relation to futureproofing their workforce within the context of the London Market modernisation efforts.

Alongside my day job as a management consultant within our insurance practice, I have used the skills, confidence and knowledge gained through my work to involve myself in community focused initiatives. I have an external appointment as a Governor Chair at a primary school in my local borough of Tower Hamlets, where I work with the broader governing body to improve the educational offering and resources. Having such a role in London’s poorest and arguably most class-divided borough has really centred my desire to focus on equal opportunities in every facet of my life.

I am extremely committed to improving black and female representation at every level. I have been invited to speak on external panels including the launch of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) Women in Consulting group to share my views with over 200 attendees alongside industry leaders in support of increasing female representation in the profession. This led to my nomination and election as the co-Chair of the MCA’s Diversity & Inclusion Working Group, where I am currently driving the development of best practice guidance for 60+ management consulting firms to support diversity, equity and inclusion within their organisations.

I also have a leadership role within the Financial Services Consulting Black Network and have used this platform to implement sponsorship and broader talent management initiatives to improve the black staff experience and create a more inclusive environment for everyone, supported by leaders within our practice.