I started coding when I was 8 years old, built and programmed robots when I was 11 years old and took my first steps in the professional world at 17 years old when I started an apprenticeship, working in the IT department of the largest supermarket chain in Switzerland. The apprenticeship was an amazing experience gaining skills on the job, but I had to overcome racism and sexism, which were an obstacle while being the only female and non-white person in a department of 120. I passed my 3 year apprenticeship with flying colours, which also launched my career in technology. I worked as a developer, systems analyst and senior analyst, working my way up.

My career spans 17 years in technology. My current role is Business Systems Development Manager at Leeds Beckett University. These days I spend less time working with code and more time leading the teams and making decisions. I remove blockers that keep our developers from achieving our strategic goals, while providing tools, support and whatever they need to accomplish the job. I try to find ways of improving our way of working, which then improves the quality of our software products, which is used by both staff and students.