Nicky Zachariou is a mathematician by training and a data scientist by practice. She has an MSci in Mathematics, a PhD in Physics from Imperial College London and her research focussed on a complexity and networks science approach to the sustainability of socio-economic systems. As a recovering network scientist, she sees connections everywhere and believes that this knowledge can be applied to everyday interactions across government and everyday life. She believes that networks science can help you be more successful in your career and personal life as she she explains in her recent TEDxWhitehallWomen talk.

As the co-founder of DataBeers London, she loves bringing data enthusiasts together from industry, government, academia and the arts to share stories. She helps break down the barriers between previously siloed industries through fun, beer and storytelling, with data as a universal language.

Nicky has been working in Government since 2014 and is determined to help government get better at understanding patterns in data and being more innovative at using cutting edge technologies. Her superpower is explaining complex technical topics to non-specialists to show the value of data science and its application to real world problems. She’s currently leading the data science work on GOV.UK and using artificial intelligence, deep learning and network science to make GOV.UK better for its users.