Vivien Yip

The last few years have been such a whirlwind of activities and emotions. However, I’m proud of what I have achieved to date and I’m flattered to be recognised in my current new role!

I first moved to the UK at the age of 13 where I completed my GCSEs and A levels in Surrey, followed by a BSc Biomedical Science degree at the University of Kent. My initial plan was to proceed with studying medicine however decided against it and went for a Sales Executive role which I fell in love with. This role allowed me to speak to international delegates in industries such as Oil & Gas, Infrastructure and Construction, Mining, Energy Trading etc. which I found fascinating! I was very quickly promoted to a Sales Manager, managing and mentoring a team of people where I have gained a great amount of experience, particularly in how to work with people with different beliefs and backgrounds. I then decided to move to a larger sized company to continue my development however I fell into a deep depression which prevented me from work and even my day-to-day tasks. Mental well-being is crucial and I knew I had to take time off for myself. During that period, I have made a lot of changes in regards to my personal life as well as how I would like to progress in my career, which led me to applying for Project Manager roles and into TfL. I’ve never looked back since and I believe this is no doubt the best choice I have made to date!