I am the founder of Euphoria Edu World. I am the luckiest and proudest female entrepreneur, or rather a ‘Mompreneur’. I have the support of my very strong and sweet family, comprising of two smart children and a very supportive husband. I belong to Delhi, but started and established my business from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a well-known city for business expansion. I believe that God gives everyone a motive and a passion to live the life happily. From my teenage years, I was passionate about working in the education sector to fulfil the huge gap between real life and school. My motive behind Euphoria Edu World, is to focus on continuous development in early child education to improve the quality education with all around growth, development and innovative solutions.

Euphoria Edu World is an initiative towards enhancing the learning and education processes with the sole objective of bringing a meaningful transformation to every human life by exploring the true potential of their brain. A lot of educational institutions and companies have focused on quality academics with co-curricular activities but only Euphoria Edu World have come up with the solutions for authentic, scientifically designed and age appropriate education pattern and motivational, creative or innovative educational solutions for quality education and business development.

Uniqueness is also highlighted by the applied concept of a beautiful blend of the rich culture and promising values of Indian heritage, with the modernized logistic thought-process and the way of education, so that anyone walking out of our institution stands beaming into the rough and arid environment of today’s new world.

We do not embark on word of mouth alone – seeing and believing would be the proof of our efforts.