Shabia Walia has been a media professional for the past 24 years. She has performed various roles as a witer, creative director, producer and even as an author of a book called ‘Mamma Mania’. Her venture, ‘Tattva by Shabia Walia’, was founded in 2014, with the sole intention of providing natural body products, free from harmful chemicals to one and all. Started with humble savings, tattva (now called ‘Wild Earth’) has grown to be a trusted and credible brand in less than two years. Apart from a business venture, ‘Wild Earth’ is also a socially conscious organisation which believes in giving back to society. A significant part of ‘Wild Earth’ proceeds go towards spreading smiles amongst the underpriviliged through her social initiative, ‘The Bluebells Community’. Shabia is also a ‘Rex Karmveer Chakra’ awardee for her contributions in social work and inclusiveness of all sections of society. To know more about ‘The Bluebells Community’ and the work it does, visit