I am a dermatologist and internationally trained laser surgeon. I was awarded a fellowship in dermatosurgery and lasers by the International Society of Dermatology at Tehran, Iran; a European Mentorship Award at the Centre of Excellence for Allergies Munich, Germany; and awarded Lasers & Cutaneous Medicine Fellowship at Kasemrad Hospital, Bangkok.

I have given lectures in various countries like Holland, Munich, Bangkok, Monaco, and Tehran and various cities like Shrinagar, Calcutta, Chennai, Manglore, Pondicherry, Goa, Shimla and Delhi in the field of Cosmetic Science, Dermatology, avoidance of quackery; and Public Interest forums like those at India International Centre, Book Club of Delhi Gymkhana Club, India Islamic Cultural Centre and India Habitat Centre on Anti Ageing and myths in Cosmetic treatments. I am also running a trust by the name of Anjandeep which helps in poor women in society through empowerment. Besides that I have been lucky to touch the lives of a few kerosene burn victims. I have with God’s grace achieved all this at the age of 32 and believe I truly have miles and miles to go before I sleep.

I am currently occupied with a study on stem cell science and its role in ageing.