I am passionate about Table Tennis since childhood. I come from a town which did not have adequate facilities that could help me live my dream of being a National Level Table Tennis Player. I travelled 20kms on a daily basis to reach the only academy in the town and my parents have sacrificed their sleep to get me there at 4am. Seeing my love for the game, they encouraged by taking me to the nearest city for some good coaching that could take me a little far. I remember those days where my mom used to gather school notes from my friends and fill up my books so that I could spend additional time on my TT practice. My passion for the game and the encouragement from my parents and School has taken me so far that in the very first year of my TT career, I have achieved 8 State Titles and the momentum continued for 4 long years (2002-2005). As a 4 time National qualifier in a row, I have made my family, School and State proud of my achievements which is a bigger medal than anything else.

I pursued Chartered Accountancy and started working with Barclays since 2013. My eternal love for TT has made me participate in the internal TT tournaments and the fact that I won against better players in these tournaments has given me further hopes. Seeing my impressive game, I was requested to represent my Company in the biggest Inter-Corporate tournament which has seen a participation of 60 companies in the State and I managed to bag a Silver medal there. I kept the momentum going and bagged a gold medal in the National Level Community Tournament held at Pondicherry. My manager and my mentors in my organization have played a pivotal role in keeping my passion for the game going by encouraging me to take part in these tournaments. Today am known for my game and considered a champ in my own small world. I dedicate this success to my parents, relatives, friends, School management and my company without whose encouragement, living my dream couldn’t have been possible.

I am a Young AVP at Barclays and have received appreciation notes & awards signed by the BSS CEO and Regional leads for revamping a process, implementing controls awareness campaign in Chennai BSS, organizing knowledge sharing sessions, hosting town halls and various events.

Being a firm believer of “Giving it back to the society”, with the help of my parents, I have actively participated and organized several free Ayurvedic camps over 5 years in my hometown to spread the message of Ayurveda to the humanity. I have volunteered for ‘India Turns Pink’ and ran marathons to create the awareness of breast cancer among women. At present, sponsoring the education of a couple of underprivileged kids in my hometown. Being a resident of a drought prone town, my current research is on how to attract rain by natural means and I am close to arriving at a solution to this based on the books written by ancient maharishis. By God’s grace, I have achieved all this at the age of 25 and plan to do much more in the years to come.