At the age of 10, Geet was in a horrible car accident which left her paralysed. Unable to use her legs, she had to re-learn to live life. But, Geet chose to never give up. Just months after the accident, she returned to school, ran for Student Body President and won, participated in the school play, maintained a straight A grade point average, and participated in sports day activities, all while seated in a wheelchair. As a teenager, she even began teaching Indian dance to NRIs, like herself, in the US. Geet became the first person in the world to win a beauty pageant, while confined to a wheelchair, where all the other contestants were able-bodied. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and a juris doctorate in law. She worked for a leading law firm in the US. But 10 years ago, Geet left a promising career in the US to move to India to start The Orphanage Project, an NGO geared towards the betterment or slum children, at-risk-youth and underprivileged women. She also currently runs a motivational page on Facebook with over 1.6 million followers and aims to be India’s First Wheelchair Actress.