I am an award winning physiotherapist and a revolutionary edu-preneur, running a chain of holistic growth centres called Miraaya, which has gained national and international recognition in a short space of time. I have consistently been a rank holder in my school and college days and yet when I began my career – be it as a doctor, educator or entrepreneur – I realized no-one was asking me for my past mark sheets. Rather everyone who came to me was looking for a compassionate and passionate expert who could help them heal or become the best they could be. I realized that our education system was testing memory much more than learning. it was forcing children to be a part of the rat race – and the sad part of it all was that even if you win a rat race – at the end of it all, what are you? Still a rat! I felt education needed to become much more real, alive, fun, creative, experiential and exciting. The two words that I use abundantly in my teaching children or even counseling special children is ‘I CAN’ – and what a difference I have seen it making in the very course of life for all.