I hail from Chandigarh with an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Panjab University. I was selected to join the 2013 Future Leadership Development Programme (FLDP) at Barclays, where I serve as a Business Analyst. Early in life, I inherited my parents’ humanitarian values and ethics, which I’ve practiced ever since. In December 2015, I led a 30-strong team, raising Rs. 2.75 Lakh for SOFOSH, a high-performing charity – to support low-cost foster and special education for abandoned kids aged up to six. Thereafter, Barclays named me Citizenship Ambassador, to help engage Barclays with Lila Poonawalla Foundation and NASSCOM Global Talent Track on initiatives to improve employability of disadvantaged students in Pune. Perturbed by growing farmer suicides in Maharashtra, I led a Barclays relief this August to donate Rs. 5 Lakh to affected families. My solace lies in channelizing funds direct to beneficiaries, a cause I commit my diligence and expertise to, and my pride stems from helping develop India’s human potential. Philanthropy aside, I’m an avid painter and have had my work exhibited at city art galleries. When not teaching computers to village girls on weekends, I unwind over a movie, a Harry Potter book or Italian food.