Rupal Kulkarni is the CEO of Shram Sarathi, a pioneering financial services institution for seasonal migrant communities in India. She spearheads strategy, growth and innovations in financial inclusion for a highly excluded and vulnerable group of workers. Her extensive rural immersions in India and Ghana has made her one of the youngest CEOs of a leading social business. Top of her class in Mumbai University, she was also an HSBC scholar at the London School of Economics, where she completed her Masters in Development Studies. A member of the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Progamme, she is part of a notable consortium of global social entrepreneurs. She was awarded the ICICI fellowship 2012, India and the Opportunity Collaboration fellowship 2009, Mexico for young social entrepreneurs. She is married and lives in Mumbai. Rupal is very passionate about her coffee and in her free time, she enjoys painting and portrait photography.