I started my career as a developer in various technologies and rose through the ranks to become Vice President. I believe that nothing can replace the hard work, dedication, integrity, passion and humility to make you successful. My ‘never give up’ attitude has always been instrumental in turning any situation into positive. I work at Barclays as a Command Centre Manager, where nearly 300 colleagues work and provide support to thousands of production services and servers of various technologies. I need to deal with crucial situations every day and what helps through it are the efforts spent to build the relations through collaborations, innovative & different thinking. The most important thing for me is my teams and the career for each of them. I ensure to dedicate my time to mentor the teams, encourage and support them and raise the concerns on their behalf. Along with my day job I dedicate my time on various community and organization wide objectives. I was working for the Rachana Hostel, Pune with underprivileged students to raise funds for their education, lodging and boarding. This year I am working to support the farmers from the drought hit areas on Maharashtra. I am leading the Colleague Experience Council for Barclays through which we are introducing initiatives to incorporate best practices in Barclays resulting better colleague engagements.