I’m in my final year of pursuing a BA Journalism (Honours) from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Born and raised in Delhi and being the only child, I’ve always been working hard to achieve in any field I’ve been in, whilst gaining maturity at a young age through all hardships. From winning competitions in my hobbies as a child to winning awards for Community Service and Academics in school, I faced many struggles to change. My journey from being timid, depressed and discriminated to being outspoken, embracing leadership and living positive life is still in its pursuit. I learned to develop and effectively proliferate ideas to positively impact community through my understanding of media, policies and corporate structures. I’m a firm believer in educational reforms, sensitizing youth about gender diversity and harnessing the power of media to impact the community.

After getting through a college like LSR based on merit, I decided to keep striving to grow and learn. I pursued many internships which I got through college placement cell or through my own application strength with startups as well as brilliant organizations such as Teach for India, NDTV, Hindustan Times, Amazon, RIS (Ministry of External Affairs), HCL etc. I also took on leadership challenges such as being in the Placement Cell Union where the statistics soared under my tenure. Though I’m studying media, I’ve worked in many fields such as HR Recruitment, Editorial, Marketing, Research, Strategy, etc.

Presently, I’m interning with the global team of AMD Inc under supply chain management, as well as being in my final year of college. I’m also a columnist with The Logical Indian where I write about issues like social injustice. I also write for DU Beat, the largest student campus print. I’ve had over 70 articles published over various mediums. I believe in taking the path everyone is scared to choose. I did competitive dance when my health was down, I studied hard and became a merit student in 12th where few years ago I was among the low-scorers in my school. I started from scratch to build a network without using family relations to get internships. I was chosen for various leadership positions in college where I once shied away from people. I even gained positions in various departments where journalism students aren’t preferred but someone studying Bcom is.

Leading happens through setting examples, and I’ve always been up for the challenge. I feel lucky in so far to have met some wonderful people and have the will and strength to continue despite all odds. Inspired by woman leaders, I too wish to be the impact changing the minds of our community to see and believe in women, to let us set examples and be on the forefront, and to let us be the change.